Welcome to the Homepage of Amsterdam Expat Apartments.
The Amsterdam Expat Apartmentbuilding is in an A1 location in the centre of Amsterdam on the Reguliersgracht no. 15 (gracht=canal), between the Herengracht and Keizersgracht, only 2 minutes walk from the Rembrandtsplein, the entertainment centre of Amsterdam. It lies within a Unesco heritage site, just around the corner from the new Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
This building has been completely renovated and divided into four luxury apartments. They can be rented for shorter or longer periods of time and are very suitable for executives during their stay in Amsterdam.
These apartments can only be rented through our accredited agents.
Details can be obtained from the owner: R. Bakker, Phone: +31 (0)320 84 63 93.
Third floor
Second Floor
First Floor
Ground Floor
First Floor